Road Safety Insurance

Road and Industrial Safety Insurance policy will be available to any Group/Association/Institution/ Corporate Body like Fleet owners, Riksha owner’s Association, Contract Bus owner’s Association etc. consisting of more than 50 persons provided it has a central administration point. Each Insured should cover all eligible members (Insured Persons) under one group policy only.

The proposer/such group can also cover passengers travelling in their vehicle & also Third parties.

Third party or Liability only policy would cover damages to any third party due to an accident involving your vehicle.

A) Room, Boarding Expenses as provided by the Hospital/Nursing Home.

B) Nursing Expenses

C) Surgeon’s, Anesthetist’s, Medical Practitioner’s, Consultant’s, Specialist‘s Fees.

D) Anesthesia, Blood, Oxygen, Operation Theater Charges, Surgical Appliances, Medicines and Drugs, Diagnostic Materials and X-Ray, Artificial limb, Cost of organs & similar expenses.

E) Ambulance Charges for carrying the injured from accident spot to Hospital/Nursing Home and at the time of discharge upto residence.